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CBA backs Tim Bishop’s new climate investor, Wollemi Capital

Former Macquarie Capital chief Tim Bishop’s new climate investment firm, Wollemi Capital, has raised $220 million to fund its expansion and attracted Commonwealth Bank as a strategic investor and partner. CBA said Wollemi would help the bank develop expertise around emerging technologies to support the economy’s transition towards net zero.

10 JULY 2023| AFR

Global climate specialist Wollemi Capital raises ~A$220m in Series A

Wollemi Capital announces its Series A capital raising reached ~A$220m (~US$150m), believed to be a record for Australia. Wollemi also announces a strategic alliance with Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), Australia’s largest bank, underpinned by an equity investment from CBA.


Pluton Biosciences takes its carbon-fixing microbes to market with a fresh $16.6M

Wollemi is proud to announce our participation in the Series A funding round of Pluton Biosciences, a startup leveraging unique technology to unlock the power of microbes and create cost-effective, innovative solutions to address key sustainability challenges facing agriculture.


Loam Bio raises $73m Series B from Lowercarbon, Acre, others to boost soil carbon

Wollemi co-leads Loam Bio's US$75M (A$105M) Series B alongside Lowercarbon Capital. Soil carbon capture is both a climate imperative and a huge financial opportunity for both farmers and investors, and we look forward to supporting Loam in its pioneering work.


Driving the greatest climate impact

The next generation of climate unicorns are being built and require scale-up funding in order to meet the urgent and growing demand to decarbonise. Many climate companies, due to their stage, sector or capital requirements, sit outside traditional investment mandates, which means that high-potential companies are unable to secure the flexible capital required to fuel their next phase of growth.


The role of nature-based climate solutions in accelerating a fair, net zero world

Wollemi Senior Advisor Kavita Prakash-Mani speaks at TED on the vital importance of developing high integrity, high quality carbon credits, which not only mitigate climate change but also protect and restore nature and benefit local communities and indigenous peoples.

15 JUNE 2022 | TED

Ex-MacCap boss Tim Bishop’s Wollemi sprouts carbon investment

Among the investors in US-based forest carbon credit assessor Pachama’s $US55 million Series B raise were high-profile backers like Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Jeff Bezos’ Amazon Climate Pledge Fund and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone’s Future Positive. Also among the roll-call: Wollemi Capital, the new climate investment fund established by Tim Bishop and Paul Hunyor.


Pachama raises $55m in Series B funding

Wollemi joins Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Future Positive and others in the Series B fundraising for nature-based carbon credit platform Pachama. Pachama utilises satellite imagery, remote sensing and machine learning to bring a new level of integrity to forest carbon credits.

5 MAY 2022 | PACHAMA

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